Talk about precision.

Located along the eastern edge of the Bowdoin campus, The John and Lile Gibbons Center for Arctic Studies building includes exhibit spaces, archeology research and teaching labs, a classroom, a new home for the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum, and offices for museum staff.

What made this project interesting? The Gibbons Center was designed to resemble an iceberg—and there was hardly a 90-degree angle to be found within it. That unique architecture required a great deal of planning and execution for both the ACE Painting and Acoustic teams. For the Acoustic team that translated into an extraordinarily complex install, requiring over 10,000sf of Tectum (500 individually custom-cut sheets) installed on a sloped surface, 100 Tectum Clouds, and 2,000sf of wall panels assembled within Maine’s first cross-laminated timber project.

Project Details

  • Painting services
  • Acoustical ceiling services
  • Brunswick, ME
  • 6 month install
  • 16,426 square feet