Realizing a Vision on a Budget

The University of Southern Maine had a clear vision of what was needed for their new Maker Innovation Studio (MIST), a collaborative workspace for making, learning, exploring, and sharing—including 3D printing and prototyping area, digital immersion lab for digital science, software development, VR and AR production, and video game design.

Before the build phase began, the ACE Acoustics team and USM went through an extensive back and forth design and engineering phase that took place over the span of 3 months, until USM had the right materials to match their budget and vision. As with many projects, the preparation is what takes time—in this case about 3 months of planning—while the actual build time was completed in 1 week.

Project Details

  • Acoustical ceiling services
  • Portland, ME
  • 3 months planning
    1 week installation
  • 300 square feet